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  • A client operates a virtual company and employs us to manage the development of novel drug substances. We manage the synthesis, formulation, analytical development, scale-up, validation and clinical trial supplies manufacture, working closely with the client and other sub-contractors to ensure Good Manufacturing Practice compliance.
  • A client is developing products from natural substances. We plan and manage the outsourced extraction, purification, formulation and analysis, ensuring products conform to GMP.
  • A client experienced delays and setbacks in their existing outsourced development programme. We proposed improved development plans and more appropriate contractors in order to get the programme back on track and to meet project deadlines, and oversaw the transfer to the new contractors.
  • The UK subsidiary of a major multinational wanted to develop a line extension of an existing product, but had no technical resource to carry out the work. We managed the whole development programme for them, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities.
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